This Was Unexpected! What Do I Do Now?

So, you know that thing that happens when you have an interview process to fill a vacant job and you, like, accept applications and nominations? And then you, like, whittle down the applicant pool to a shortlist of ten to twelve people who seem to meet the necessary criteria for full consideration? And then you, like, meet with five or six applicants in person and hear in some detail what they think they can offer your organization? And then there’s that one time when you are going through the process and you realize that things have gone a bit wrong, and there’s really not a suitable candidate out of the ones you’ve, like, shortlisted. And then you have to, like, start the whole process over, because there’s no point in compromising the situation? And then you, like, sing this song to yourself:

So, like, don’t you think that should happen with really important appointments like president of a country…? Just wondering…

Oh, and you know that time that Al Gore was, like, elected president, but then they fixed the results so that George W. Bush got the job instead? Well, if one of the current candidates for the job got elected because a lot of really badly informed people with bad judgement voted for this candidate who was  like, for example, the one who doesn’t know anything about how to be a president, and who would put the country in a really, really unsafe position, and who would basically be a danger to society, then do you think something similar might happen where the other candidate gets the job instead, even though they didn’t get as many votes, officially, like?

Oh, and remember Brexit? Like, when more than half the people who voted for Britain to leave the EU turned round afterwards and said, “Oh shit, I don’t think I really understood what it would mean if Britain left the EU, but it sounded like a good idea when I voted, but I think we’ve really buggered it up now!” Well, do you think it might be a bit like that in America right now, where a lot of people are shallow enough to actually believe the hype about “making America great again” because they are feeling a bit fed up with the status quo, and it’s easier to just get swept up in the radical sensationalism that this kind of election process allows and encourages and, like, vote for the idiot that spouts things that sound good to them at the moment? And then, do you think that a lot of them might turn round in November, when it becomes obvious that things have taken a horrible turn, and, like, say “Oh shit, I don’t think I really understood what it would mean if this person became president, but it sounded like a good idea when I voted; but I think we’ve really buggered it up now!”

Oh, and remember the 1990’s? Like, that was really awesome, wasn’t it?


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